Birds of Steel has a large selection of Fighter and Bomber Aircraft from early war to late war here is a short list of planes that are both easy to fly and have good protection and armorment. 


  • Italian Fighters
  1. The first usable aircraft is the Falco Biplane
  • Tightest turn of all biplanes
  • 2 .50cal Bredas
  • Slow roll rate
  • no armor
  • Smallest ammo capacity [MG armed Bi-planes]

 2.  Your first priority in this tree is to quickly unlock the M.C. 202

  • Shares the same engine as the Bf-109 E3
  • Good armor
  • Average roll rate
  • Good MG armament
  • Small ammo capacity [common to all Italian planes]
  • Superior climb rate to all but the late war allied planes
  • Same turning circle as the P-51 D5
  • German Fighters
  1. Hands down the best tree for people just starting out 
  2. Bf-109 outclasses all in climb and stability
  3. Well armored
  4. Average max speed
  5. Fw-190 is also a very good machine [fastest roll rate of any fighter in the game]
  • American Fighters
  1. Distinctly underwhelming
  2. Fastest
  3. Most ammo
  4. Mostly MG armed fighters this is a minus but in a turning fight allows you to literally hose people down
  5. DO NOT go down this tree unless you are prepared for a lot of flat spins and wing stalls
  6. Very well armored
  7. Best pacific theater fighters [Wildcat, P-40, P-47, P-51]
  8. Superb Machine guns
  • Japanese Fighters
  1. ok armor except for the bombers
  2. Best turning radius of any plane
  3. Decent armament [Mix of cannon and MG]
  4. 20mm cannons
  5. Small cannon shell count
  6. Best fuel economy
  7. Contrary to real life the Zero can take a beating and stay up
  8. Easiest planes to take-off/land on Carrier decks
  9. Easy Tree to unlock
  • Soviet/USSR Fighters
  1. All planes in this tree are very well armed
  2. All planes [except for early tiers] are comparable to their German rivals
  3. most aircraft are armed with cannons
  4. No accuracy
  5. Limited fuel and ammo
  6. Below average armor
  7. Wooden wings
  8. Easily broken when pulling out of a dive and/or turning at very high speed
  9. Cheapest tree
  • British/Australian Fighters
  1. Spitfire is the European Zero
  2. Hurricane is the European Wildcat
  3. All planes [not including the Mk1a Mustang] are very good
  4. Very easy to wing stall
  5. Early tiers use Carbonated engines [Don't fly upside down]
  6. Best turning circle of all European fighters
  7. Slowest roll rate all the way down the tree
  8. Australian fighters are only used in the pacific theater



CR 42 Falco

G 50 and variants


BF 109 and variants

American F3A F4f and variants Japanese